Tuesday, 18 August 2009

It's Staring Straight Through My Soul. My Shriveled, Blackened Excuse For A Soul.

Oh good god. Very rarely in the course of this blog, and indeed life, do I come accross a crapft so extraordinary, so awe-inspiring, so truly exceptional that it renders itself reminicent of a full English breakfast wearing a suit. Or a badly crocheted Spongebob. With fangs. Yet here we have it, in all it's noodely-appendaged glory. And I hardly know what to do with it.

Thanks to Patricia Gasparino for the tip!
And believe me, look out for more items from this seller coming soon.


  1. Oooooooooooh your descriptions,your descriptions....soooooo perfect"full english breakfast wearing a suit" ...."noodely appendaged glory " .....I can't breathe ....LOL !! Genius really !

  2. You know, I actually love Absorbent Robert Rhombus Trousers (that's what we call him in my house). This, though....uhhhh...hmmm..

  3. That is... AWESOME! Look closely at his mouth though... Are those? Could they be? I mean they look like... Fangs?!?

    I think that Sponge Bob may be a vampire!

  4. What's with the weird eyelashes? Mascara anyone?

  5. I'm so glad the crapfter took the picture with the ruler next to it. It appears to be nine inches not including the legs. Which is exactly the size I needed for my next full English breakfast wearing a suit, noodely-appendaged Sponge Bob with fangs.

  6. I'm no knitter, or have I ever to my knowledge really conversed with or seen one, but that seems like a pretty good attempt.
    That is, given that one was trying for a vampire Sponge Bob with freakishly noodley arms.

  7. My 20 month old grandson loves Spongebob, but I don't think he'd recognize this version!


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