Friday, 21 August 2009

You Say It's a Pencil Case. I Say It's Shit.

Sometimes the issue with crapfts isn't the effort put into them. Sometimes the issue isn't the crapftsmanship involved. Sometimes the issue isn't with the usefulness of said crapft. Sometimes the issue is that they're simply mislabeled.

This, for example, is labled as "The Cutest Pencil Case".

Which, obviously, is misleading.



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  1. I saw a squashed raccoon on the roadside this morning. It's kind of reminiscent.

  2. Fun Fact: if you Google the word "crapft", your blog is right there at the top of the first page! :)

    The reason I would not trust this pencil case is that the pencil leads (and pen tips) would poke right through it. Looks like it's just made of crocheted yarn-- which does nothing to stop sharp objects from poking through or falling through.

  3. hah! I would hope so, Janna, as I invented the word "crapft". I expect it to be registered in Websters next year. And yes, it is a shit pencil holder. I couldn't agree more. I'm glad you see it too!



  4. I think its cute. It looks dead, though, which is making me very sad. Please don't do anymore posts about dead crapfts.

  5. Whatever this is, it was killed by a cat.

  6. Looks like it will unravel the first time you use it.........


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