Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Cookies Spilling Out of Every Cranny


Let's take off our sociological analysis hats, shall we, and not really delve too deeply into why the trend for draping yourself in plasticene junk food has exploded in the midst of slavering media coverage of the so-called obesity epidemic. As far as we here at the HoHil are concerned, people (girls) just love building tiny cupcakes and cookies out of silly putty and stuffing them into their ears, hairdo's, charm bracelets, trapper keepers, and purses. No deeper socio-epidemiological reasons!

And yet... When the only crevice you will not try to shove a cake into is your mouth (which is, after all, the officially designated "cakehole"), does that qualify as an eating disorder? Maybe it's an eating disorder in the same way that Ted Striker had a "drinking problem" in the movie Airplane!--he just couldn't seem to get the drinks into his drinkhole.

Anyway, long story short, putting my own feminist analysis aside, since brevity is the soul of wit... I'll just say: these fake-cookie necklaces look like straight up finger-molded baby-doods.


  1. Hah! Great Airplane reference, JK.

  2. Someone needs to shove this crapft in their crapfthole.


  3. Those who can't eat it, wear it.


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