Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Thought Process Behind This Baffles Me. And Amuses Me. And Baffles Me Some More.


Sweetheart, I think you have something... just... right there.... on your ear. Yeah, just there... no.. your right ear. Yeah. It kinda looks like a lizard, actually. It kinda looks like a beaded lizard. It kinda looks like a beaded lizard humping your ear, to be honest with you. Like it wants to have babies with it. Serious-style. Like little beaded lizard-ear babies. Yeah. Maybe you should get that checked out at the vet or something. It looks like it tickles.


  1. Perhaps it escaped from her Izod shirt ???

  2. When he climaxes in her ear... Do you think it will look like green glitter?


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