Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I just absolutely adore the thought process that must have led up to this. Like, the crafter must have thought to themself "man oh man, I looooove toast so much that I want to declair my adoration of this commonest of breakfast foods in a way that the whole world can appreciate and understand. But I want it to be obvious... how, oh how, to make it obvious. Without going literal. I don't want it to be literal. Literal isn't obvious. " and then they went on to create this. And how I love this. Win.


  1. It could be a threat. Maybe the other earring says "You're".

  2. It's not a label for actual toast?

    'Hey Consuela, when you pass by the kitchen, can you bring me in a slice of that toast? Yeah, right, it's the labeled one, you can't miss it.'

  3. Isn't there a space between "to" and "ast"? Maybe there was supposed to be a longer message at the planning stage that, because of lack of space, had to be violently shortened? Maybe: "To astronomy study, you stars like must" or "To astrology benefit from, your horoscope you must carefully read". Or something.


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