Wednesday, 19 August 2009

@Internetz Necklaze 2.0 (beta) Superhighway


I picture a well-meaning grandma wearing this.

"My grandson calls all his computer-friends this word, he calls them nubs. I just want to be nubs with my grandson, he's such a good boy and we hardly ever see each other! I think we are going to get ice cream cones and then go out powning later in the afternoon. I've been led to believe it's some new form of skateboarding! I'm going to wear my nub necklace when we go pown-boarding, he's going to be so proud to be seen in public with his Nana!"


  1. Um, yeah. Good Luck with that, Grandma!

  2. Wait a minute, it's pronounced nubs, like tubs? I've been pronouncing it noobs, like boobs all this time.

    Well, I've never said it out loud, just in my head but still....


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