Thursday, 13 August 2009

Noah's Snark


What a menagerie! Are you supposed to use this as a mirror frame?

"Let's see, we've got a dignified turtle up there on the top, a strong horsie in the corner, right below that a graceful zebra, and oh yeah, a foolish ass right in the center."

Or maybe it's a picture frame. You can put a beauty shot of your favorite evolutionary biologist in the center.

"Oh Richard Dawkins, I know that you and I are no more than soulless beasts, risen to our haunches and punchdrunk with the illusion of free will perpetrated by the persistent sun-worshipping superstitions of our animal past, no more than the zoo animals running the zoo, but I think you are super dreamy."


  1. I like the way the crapfter threw in the Late Juraissic era stegosaurus with the modern animals. Never mind all the inaccuracies of the scale. I'm sorry, but if a turtle is larger than an elephant, it's just scary.

  2. So that's what happened to my jar of animals collection.

  3. no dog on there, thank heavens i wasnt dragged into that mess

  4. I think it's meant to frame roadkill. You place it like a wreath upon the remains as a silent memorial.


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