Sunday, 16 August 2009

Super Freaking Dirty Awesome Vehicle Saturdays

Before we begin this week's Super Amazingly Special Awesome Saturday (and by "this week's" I mean "randomly placed" and by "Saturday" I mean "Sunday, Monday, or even possibly Tuesday"), I just want to give a big Thank You to my cohort, JK, for really stepping up recently and diligently posting some very hilarious things. The last month or so my job saving disabled orphaned kittens from the war-torn ravages of lower Kent (and the Greater London area) has really been spreading me thin, and I haven't had much time left over for anything even mildly amusing. So laughing at fat children all afternoon has been out as well.

I know. I sacrifice so much.

Anyway, this week I'm featuring an artist named Scott Wade, a painter who's medium is car windows. Well, dirty car windows. Well, just dirt, really. He paints in dirt, everyone. And he's fantastic at it.

Living down a mile and a half of dirt road, the "dirt" comprised mostly of limestone dust, gravel, and clay, Scott has a permanent (or impermanent, rather) canvas waiting for him at the end of every shopping trip and beer-run. Monet would be impressed.

Using paint brushes, erasers, popsicle sticks, fingers, and, I have no doubt, any other pointy-ended and dust-removing random objects, Scott painstakingly recreates many famous artworks, as well as his own designs, into the back windows of, well, extremely dirty vehicles.

Scott has even managed to perfect the ultimate dirty window, using oil, bags of earth and a hairdryer. I would cry cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater if his works weren't so amazing and unusual. And if he weren't bigger than me.

The sheer impermanence and intricacy of his artwork really makes a distinct, if not intended, comment about the nature of art, and the worthiness of art for art's sake, not just for any extended acclaim granted to an artist by a permanent audience, which is, naturally, what most artists would only strive to achieve.

And look! It's dogs! Playing poker! Lol1!

And there it is, everybody. Scott Wade. One helluva dirty car painter. Although, to his credit to be sure, I have noticed this pioneering art form already extending into and being interpreted by the local pop-art culture if the back-ends of inter-state trucking is any indication. Although it still seems to be in its infantile stages.

Ooohhh! Lastly! Before I forget: I finally went ahead and bought! So no more faffing about with this dot-blogspot anymore! Tada! I'm awesome.


Scott sent me a wonderful note!

"Hey JuliaD, very cool. Thanks for your interest in my dirty pictures! All the best -S"

Thanks Scott!


  1. Very nice!! I am also highly jealous of your buying out...I'm still waiting on mine..who would have thunk it that someone else bought out nipplelicious before I could..

  2. Hah! When I was a teenager, JK and I thought that if we ever started a band, we'd call it "nipplelicious". I'm not even joking. Ask her.


  3. LOL _ You ARE totally awesome ! Congrats on the .com !!!

  4. Scott is talented. Wonder if it makes him ill if an unexpected rain storm pops up after he just finishes one of those?

  5. That's so sweet!


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