Thursday, 9 July 2009

Some Intern Got Paid Waaaay Too Much For These

So I've been trying to get the Homemade Hilarity facebook fanpage up and running lately, which, given the fact that I have the internets skillz of your 85-year-old grandpa, hasn't been easy. The high point of the experience, though, was when I went to make some HH flair buttons, and was affronted instead by these on the main page:


Seriously, WTF.

As in, SRSLY. WTF.

I realize that these 'advertisement' flair buttons were made by Dawn (you know, the liquid soap company) in some awkward attempt to bring social awareness to the uh, plight of the, uh.. well... I have no freaking idea. I have no clue what the hell it is, exactly, that Dawn wants me so desperately to show some flair-ed compassion for and SAVE. Which is a bit, well, counterproductive, one would think, especially as the first one looks suspiciously like a dead penguin and the second one resembles the physical manifestation of batshit-crazy. So, way to go there Dawn. Opening the eyes of the world to the growing and devastating lack of dead penguins and metaphysical conceptions of tomfuckery, one useless facebook application at a time. Go ahead and give yourself a high-five.


  1. Facebook is good for one thing and one thing only. Keeping up with people as old as US that we went to HS with. Don't try to make it more hip than it really is. That's why they have those lazy applications... people our age are either too stupid or computer illiterate to do much else for the most part. Be a cool blogger; forget facebook and myspace! Rock on, sistah!

  2. The second one kinda looks like a sitting gorilla facing right, wearing a dark leather 'dunce' cap. Or a dark leather birthday hat?

  3. Instruction:

    Stick finger in belly button.

    Swirl finger around in belly button for a few seconds.

    Remove finger from afore mentioned button.

    Raise finger to nose.


    That's what the second godforsaken pin reminds me of. Thank you. May all of your bellybuttons smell like asscrack and love. :)

  4. I think I actually know the answer to this one. The soap was used to help get the oil off the affected animals from the Valdez and Sydney Harbor oil spills.

  5. They look like coupons, ha. "Save now, on almost-good-as-new slightly-irregular oiled penguins! Half price for a limited time only!"

  6. I wasn't sure how to tell you about a homemade hilarity that my friend shared with me . . . but I think this is a candidate! - with this item # 27294315

  7. Awesome again. Loving this blog.

  8. i think i killed the first one in a video game once


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