Saturday, 11 July 2009

Ohhh, Is That How It's Done...

I LOVE the fact that somebody over at felt the need to 1) make a pair of not-at-all heinous earrings out of old simcards, and 2) turn it into a 5-step tutorial. Yes, that's right, a 5-step tutorial. Because clearly, I wouldn't have been able to figure out on my own how on earth this stunningly creative genius ever found a way to affix such labyrinthine and rare components together to ensure such a gorgeous result. It just looks so, so, complicated. In fact, I'm dumbfounded that she was even able to figure it out herself! Thank god she spelled the whole process out for me; otherwise I might have just thought that all I needed to do was attach an earring hook to a sim card, and not have even realized that I needed to make a hole in the simcard first, and use a pair of pliers to open the jump-ring! What an unholy catastrophic mess I just narrowly avoided, thanks to the not-at-all-unnecessarily-thorough 5-step tutorial. Thanks!

**Ed. note: today's Super Awesome Saturdays is gonna get moved to tomorrow just this week, unless I pull my thumb out and get it finished in the next couple hours. Which is doubtful. I'm lazy.


  1. Sorry -- how is it you make these d'you say?

    Footnotes, please. And an index.

  2. I just ordered two sets in case I lose one. They will look particularly stunning as I dance the robot at the local clubs.

    Domo arigato, Mrs. Roboto!

  3. By the way: this is apparently a great way to "keep all those old phone call memories close to your ears". But I already do -- in my brains. And a SIM card doesn't actually memorise the *calls*, ma'am. And ... aw, forget it.

  4. Great stocking stuffers for all my geeky friends.

  5. Wait.
    You have to punch a hole, and then WHAT?
    I'm so confused.
    I hope there is a video.
    This is so hard.

  6. Those chips used to be put on what they called 'smart cards'. Would people in the UK say that a girl wearing those was 'smart'? Maybe not...

  7. I wish explained more on how to make these truly stylish earrings. I get kind of confused with the 5-part tutorial. Maybe a step-by-step vid and a 10-step guide? Or a free ebook instruction manual.


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