Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rock on


You know how DIY projects sort of wax and wane in their trendiness? Knitting is really hip for a while, and then baking cupcakes is totally in, and then it's canning your own vegetables, and so on? Well, I happen to be a trend-spotter for various magazines and publications that are so bleeding edge trendy that they don't even have names... you just have to know which one I'm talking about by my inflection. Maybe a wink and and handkerchief semaphore. And my trend-forecast for this time next year--pay close attention now, because you'll be able to say you heard it here first--is People Going to Public Parks and Stealing Stuff Off the Ground, Painting Awkward Hearts on It, And Re-Selling It on Ebay. The great thing about this activity is it's eco-friendly, since you are using natural materials, and also because you are making nature less boring-and-nature-colored and more beautiful and puffy-paint-colored. What is more friendly to the eco than that? This works with rocks, fallen leaves, flat sticks, chunks of turf, docile woodland animals, neighborhood children, and those creepy single shoes that are always lying in the road near public parks.


  1. Darn them for messing up perfectly good chalcedony... darn them to heck.

  2. Ugh. At least its not a PET rock (though I am embarrassed that my mom paints rocks into animals, like raccoons and fawns and it appears to be popular among the 75+ age group--yikes!).

  3. Crap. I was hoping macrame was on its way back. Oh well. Off to the park to look for supplies...

  4. Thank you for bringing laughter to my lips...
    I've seen a few of these on etsy recently and was wondering if I had lost my mind.


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