Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Perfect Accessory For Your Crocheted, Glittery Handcuffs

This, my friends, appears to be a knit gimp mask. Do with it what you will.
Just keep it legal.

And multicoloured.

And before I start getting emails about it, yes, I assume this was a knit hat made in too large a gauge. I know already. But c'mon, it's hilarious.


  1. I swear I do not who or why. I really don't. I am thinking of getting into the crafting world and I just hope to hell none of my things turn out like this!

  2. It's just like that time when Spiderman went to Buenos Aires...

  3. I like how we've somehow unspokenly started a sexy dungeon theme week here.

  4. I prefer to think it was suppose to be a gimp mask instead of a hat made too big. A gimp hat made of awesome and win.

  5. Hey, isn't that the guy who just held up the Kwik Stop Market?

  6. Well, it certainly would keep you warm! :)

    So what if you can't see where you're going and walk into a snowbank.


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