Monday, 27 July 2009

Seriously, Someone is Putting Me In Charge of Crafts?!

So I've been chosen, inexplicably, to host the Humorbloggers Craft Day over at Strange, I know. They say I was short-listed, but I have to wonder.

Anyway, once I found out that I was in charge of teaching lots of humorbloggers how to, well, make stuff, I dug out my trusty go-to craft bible:

Which, naturally, helped me decide on which craft to highlight for today's tutorial, based on the known capability of the reading audience. Hence, I settled on the "Facecloth Buddy", a new home-made best friend for anyone who doesn't really have any. Friends, that is. Not facecloths. You need to have lots of facecloths.

Step 1: Have a facecloth.

Step 2: Have another face cloth.

Step 3: Draw a relatively face-like face on at least one of the facecloths, preferably out of old, half-dried-out, cheap markers. It all adds to your new friend's rustic charm.

Step 4: Sew the two facecloths together along the seams, with possibly more facecloths added as filling, with the face on the facecloth facing out facewards.

Step 5: Take with you everywhere in life. For serious.

I hope this in-depth tutorial was as helpful as it was elegant, everyone. Althought I tried to make this classic art project as fool-proof as possible, I'm not expecting much out of you lot. Frankly, I'll give you a passing grade if you even know what a facecloth is. Anything else is just a bonus, really.

Send in pictures if you want an actual grade given to your summer school project! Otherwise, just check in at daily for the next couple days to continue on our Summer Camp Carnival Super Gypsy Homeless Tour!

Now let's take a second to see what other "special" craft projects your favourite humorbloggers are up to:


  1. We ran out of markers. Can I take that and glue it on my doll?

  2. Very nice and informative blog you have here. Good work! And I followed you to keep up with your post.

    See you around my friend.

    Steinar Arason
    "Improve Your Blog"

  3. theres no nose! the nose is the most prominent part of the face and theres no nose! how does this facecloth know when its suppertime? how does it identify other facecloth faces? !??

  4. I was late to crafts class - here's my item

  5. I'm obviously late to crafts class, but I can turn a blanket into an 1880s coat in one day if my boy scout needs it badly enough. That's gotta count, right?

  6. I love it. Practical, and you can take it with you unlike mine.

  7. Goodness, I'm going to need you to break down step 4 into manageable parts, so confusing.

    Oh, and is this a washcloth self portrait?
    Tin foil hats off to you for the striking resemblance!

  8. Sew the cloths together???? Can I use my hot glue gun?

  9. What, exactly, is the person doing to that clay on the book cover? I'm a little worried about that. I think I might be able to manage the face cloth buddy.


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