Friday, 17 July 2009

This Is What Bat-Shit Crazy Looks Like, The Wearable Version

The most amazing t-shirt ever. As in, ever:
Yes, It's my line, but Mom from 1lifeexaggerated had the gumption to actually turn it into a fake t-shirt! Which is almost as good as a real t-shirt. Except for the fact that you can't really wear it. You can only look at it and wish you were cool enough to wear it. So thanks Mom! Lovesit!


  1. Your catch-phrase, immortalized in rich cottony goodness...

    I once saw a migrant day-laborer wearing a shirt that said 'Daddy's Little Princess', I reckon he didn't speak English well yet. I hope he didn't...

  2. You're still totally cool, even if you can't really wear it! At least you won't have to return it if it doesn't fit. Enjoy! (LOL)

  3. i think it actually should be made!


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