Sunday, 19 July 2009

It puts the soap in the basket.


Anyone else do the Psycho-inspired check behind the shower curtain before starting up the shower? And then the slasher-film-inspired check behind the open bathroom door before closing it? And then the urban-legend-inspired check in the mirror for any ringus, hauntings or apparitions (check mirror, open it to look at medicine cabinet, close it and look downward, then look QUICKLY UP to catch any glowering ringus that may be behind me)? And then, finally, the schizophrenic-episode-inspired check into the pile of folded towels for any CIA spy-cams?

I swear, it takes me three hours just to get ready to take a shower. And now thanks to some chucklehead on Etsy I can't even trust my soap! Do you think killers in my soap warrants a call to 911, or should I just use the non-emergency police number?


  1. I wear full body armor when I shower. Just to be sure.

  2. Yikes, that was a scary soap to behold. Just liquid soap for me from now on, this has ruined bar soap.

  3. this gave me the full-body SHIVERS

  4. I can think of more than a few drug addicts who pull the curtain back out of paranoia to make sure the police aren't there. Guilty as charged.


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