Sunday, 26 July 2009

Super Excellent Special Saturday (Sunday)!

Welcome back to Super Fucking Unbelieveably Awesome Freaking Saturdays (Sundays, really, at this point, let's call a spade a spade) everyone! This week's undeniably amazing and superhumanly talented individual is Peter Callesen, paper-sculpter extraordinaire.

The Short Distance Between Time And Shadow (2006)

Born in 1967 in Denmark (famous for Vikings, Legos, and bacons), Mr. Callesen (Or The Petester, as I refer to him) began his artistic career staring at a blank sheet of paper. And not a whole lot has changed since.

The Core of Everything (2006)

Each of the pieces that Petey-Boy creates are made from a single sheet of A-4 paper, obviously cut up to a certain extent, and then the removed bits reformed to create the 3-dimensional parts of the sculptures.

Traces in Snow (2005)

So, effectively, each one of these artworks that the Petemeister puts together is from the simplest, most ubiquitous and familiar medium possible: a solitary sheet of white paper.

Snowballs (2005)

P-train's artwork touches on the use of negative space, effectively transforming it into visual interpretations of a between-the-lines kind of suggestion that would otherwise be unverified yet assumed within other mediums.

Snowballs detail (2005)

These scultpures that P-dubs creates, then, can manage to tell a story on three distinctly different levels: The obvious story that is shown in the image, the sub-linear suggestions of what is missing in the voids cut out, and the further meaning within the knowledge that it is all, at its essence, one uncompromised sheet of paper.

Looking Back (2006)

And look! It's a skeleton!

Impenetrable Castle (2005)

Some of the more architectural of the P-Love's works I find terribly interesting for the graphic layout of the individual pieces needed to create a specific castle, for example. I suppose it's a bit like taking the total surface area of a building and transforming it into a flat-pack design. IKEA on LSD, if you will.

Impenetrable Castle detail (2005)

It kind of makes me think of all the varied combinations of buildings and sculptures that would be possible with those specific pre-made pieces, which only stands to make it all the more amazing what P-to-the-E-to-the-T-E-R is able to construct out of them. I, personally, would end up with a crinkled white ball of mutilated impatient-ness, I know that much.

Heaven and Hell(2006)

Some of Peter-Peter-Pumpkin-Eater's latest works have included the use of paint, which adds another, more aesthetically distinct quality to the work, and allows him to take a few more liberties with the concepts he's aiming to convey.

White Hand (2007)

So there we are again, everyone, at the end of another Super Amazingly Freaking Unbelieveably Awesome Saturday (Sunday)! Hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to go to to see all of his works, as he also does many much larger installation pieces and floating castles and whatnot. See you lot tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for sharing...these are awesome:)

  2. That's incredible! Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. Very nicely done. I wonder what he uses to shape the paper remnants with such clear definition?
    ps - Why am I at work if yesterday was Saturday?

  4. Those are incredible!


  5. That is just ... wow!! :-o


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