Friday, 22 May 2009

They Say That Bulls Actually Can't See Colours. Nipples, Though, Are Clearly Visible.


Collection of beautiful antique glass tiles: $150

2 years of art school learning how to make things: $5,000

Traveling to Spain to gain inspiration: $7,500

Ending up with a mosaic of a nude lady bullfighting: Priceless (and awesome)


  1. Pa-too-ee. I spit in its general direction!


  2. I see the bull's balls were lovingly included. Any brokerage firm would be proud to have this as their logo.

  3. Being a male bull, nipples are always visible.

  4. What IS that bull doing under that blanket? That is just wrong.

  5. Mosaics are completely great +100 pts, ones with nipples are great also +45 pts, they are however a dude's nipples -70 pts, still passes!

    TBH, based on the perspective of the bull and fighter in relation to the stadium and fans, it looks like Paul Bunyon stripped down and is having it out with Babe the Ox after washing out all the blue...

  6. Oh... so it was a woman matador, A++ then... although weird

  7. all it needs now is a black bar protecting innocent children from mothers milk! plus the bull..

    too funny... jose


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