Thursday, 7 May 2009

Everybody Loves a Vagina

Although I suspect this might be pushing it.

He should really get that checked out.

Speaking of which:

... ... this isn't exactly the most romantic thing I've ever read. Although I'm glad to hear there is no rape between us. That's refreshing.

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  1. I've often considered myself a "Vagina Warrior" and I'm glad someone put my feelings into art. That would look fantastic hanging in my living room!

  2. nay, my sweet shopgirl, it is a t-shirt:


    That's scary. Will an alien come out of it?

    That letter is just plain weird.

  4. Good Lord. Proportion was not that artist's strong suit...I hope.

  5. That is the WORST example of "Hey! Look what I got!" that I have EVER seen. Please tell me that doesn't come with a lovely matching pillow and complimentary checkbook cover....

    Wow! Coming up on 100 Followers! Congrats. I have a whoppin' 7, ~chuckle~. I 'm pretty pumped about that. Figured I'd have only 2 (my kids)...

  6. Is he going to poop in the vagina?

  7. I have to agree the the proportions are all off, lol. Now following you, thanks for the laugh.

  8. I think that the top picture is supposed to be Celtic fertility goddess Sheila Ngig.

    I don't know what the hell the second one is.

  9. P.S. would sure love a link, even though I'm not one of the lucky 10! You could be my first!


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