Friday, 29 May 2009

Please Stop Staring At Me Like That. I Can't Help You.

I must admit, this is the angriest piece of jewelery I've seen in a while. And I've seen some angry jewelery. He looks really, really pissed off, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's his make-shit (it's a typo, but it works) bow-tie. Or possibly it's the fact that he's apparently rolled out of some kind of glittery fairy poo. Or maybe it's just because his eyes are bleeding. Any of those things, really, are reasonable excuses to pull a frown, I guess, but they're also equally reasonable excuses to not want to appropriate this specific item into a wardrobe. So it seems we're at an impasse.


  1. Can we truly be sure this isn't a miscalculated attempt at a watch? A misshapen ten-hour-based angry effin smartly dressed emo watch?

  2. Also, it looks like a 2 year old made it.

  3. I feel the urge to break off two tines of a plastic fork so I can glue some fangs on him.

    He needs fangs.

    I am strangely intrigued by the concept of glittery fairy poo.

    This must be what happens when Tinkerbell eats Taco Bell.

  4. It looks like a cookie that a child decorated.


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