Tuesday, 26 May 2009

At Least Now I Know What I'm Wearing To My Next Black-Tie Event

Oh. My. God. I think I found the end of the internet, and this is what it looks like:

It looks like a giant, camouflage bird sitting on a giant, camouflage lilypad, sitting on a giant, flesh-coloured visor. Which is equal parts hilarious and hideous, making it quite apt to represent the whole of the internets, really. Maybe I'll call it a LOL Cap. RLFLFMAO!!111


  1. Green is my favorite color, can't you tell?


  2. There are no words for this.

  3. I'd wear it...

    ...along with a paper bag over my head to conceal my identity.

  4. Do you think it was a bad souvenir from a bird watching theme park?

  5. Like I need something for the birds to aim at while I am outside. They seemed to find me well enough over Memorial Day without the "Wren Mating Visor"

  6. Now in all seriousness, what kind of bird can sit on a lily pad without drowning? Perhaps this was made for target practice??

    The mental images are making my head hurt..

  7. Y'know what I think? I think this is designed to wear golfing to distract your opponent and through him of his game.

    Meanwhile, you're getting the birdie. :)


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