Friday, 1 May 2009

I May Be Vegetarian, But I Still Got A Roast

Today is roast day over at, and I got roasted! Here is what the ever-witty ettarose had to say about my oh-so-hilarious site:

"Hi all you crafty looking people. What, you are not crafty? Well I guess I would not want to be crafty around this one either. I am Ettarose from sanityonedge and I am here courtesy of to roast your favorite locator of talentless people.

The Miss used to live in the states, so hah ha she found our crappy crafts first. Now she lives in England and is snobbier than ever, drinking tea with her pinkie finger extended discussing crafting with the Queen or some such shit, all the while finding only the funniest, ugliest crafts ever and then pointing out the obvious. Yes Julia, we can see Santa looks evil. Yes Julia, the Golden Girls do not go well with glitter.

I will say that with out her funny posts I never would have guessed most of the things here such as the $220 fail, or the $14.98 thing a ma bob. I also have a question of her? Why is she a cheap slut? Is SHE $14.98. Go check her on Entrecard, maybe you can buy her as cheap as she was. Oh and whomever is stealing her stuff. Please don’t. If any of us here at find out who you are, there will be hell to pay. We don’t take kindly to thieves, especially when you steal from family.

Julia does an awesome job with this blog and keeps us all entertained. Here is to many more years of crappy crafts and lots of laughs. Thank you Julia."

No, thank you, ettarose.

If you want to catch what I wrote about in my roast about the very funny Chica, click here to go to to laugh at her with me. ;)


  1. Cheap slut... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I mean, uh... hey, that's not nice. What is this, a ROAST or sumthin?

  2. Oh, cheap slut. Whoa. Very nice, Etta. :) Um, not that I think you are, Julia. :)

  3. Being British I do feel that the extended pinkie is a vital tool in the armoury of a 'proper' cup of tea - we're trained from birth don't you know ....

  4. You're funnier than any of them!

    And better looking!


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