Thursday, 14 May 2009

Post Stupid

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of Post Secret, the whole point of this craft form (and I mean "craft form" loosely, as no serious talent of any kind is ever involved) is to trade addresses with someone random, and then anonymously send them a postcard with a secret of yours on it. Which obviously usually leads to self-indulgent depressive teenage ramblings about finding oneself fat and unlovable and ugly, or, equally hilariously, it sometimes leads to this:

See, I'm just not sure this individual is really fooling anyone. Just because you tell people that you live in the woods doesn't actually mean that people can't find you at your house. That's because people don't generally live in the woods. Not without houses. So it's a touch, well, unbelievable. And you're probably in the phonebook.

It is quite possible, though, that people are consciously choosing not to visit your strange ass because you frequently insist that you live amongst the wolves, despite the blatantly obvious. Which isn't clever. It's just crazy.

Also, I'm very proud to announce that my number of followers has topped 100, and as promised, I'm going to share with everyone the links to the specific ten people that made it happen. I'll showcase a few each day until all ten are linked to.

The Wooly Mammoth : this is a very funny, very creative site which is, admittedly, written about crafting and cooking, two of my favourite pasttimes. And, if you dive into this site, I believe you'll come across some crocheted poo. So, you know, that's special.

Wine at Five : From what I gather, this site is written from the perspective of a doting mother, who can appreciate a good glass or two or five of cabernet. And, if you want to see the most adorable thing ever, check out this school project her son completed. Freaking adorable.

Life Is Wonderful : This has to be the most schitzophrenic website I've ever come accross. And yet, it seems to be incredibly popular. For example, here are the titles of the first 5 posts: It's Time To Get Your Auto A/C Compressor Ready For Summer; Knows And Practice Stress Reducing Techniques; Tactical Gear For All Your Hunting And Fishing Needs; How To Pick Good Produce Fruits and; Website Ranking And How To Get It.
Yeah, I don't know either.

I'll have another few links for you all tomorrow! Until then, I really do suggest checking these sites out, as they're each uniquely interesting and worthwhile.


  1. I have to admit, I do love Post Secret. I get all caught up in the brief wit and wisdom and forget all about my cynical side until later, when I'm ashamed of myself and wiping tears off my cheeks.

  2. I'm actually quite suprised you chose to take the piss out of this site. Sometimes Post Secret can throw up some true gems. There people reveal the soft underbelly, sensitive side of their feelings that they're scared to reveal to their friends and loved ones.

    It's actually a lot harder to get out there and do it than it is to sit at home laughing.

  3. I want to live in the woods too. actually i do.

  4. @ anonymous: I can't believe you're getting precious about postsecret, as it is hardly a "brave" or "hard" thing to do, as it is all completely anonymous (which, clearly, you would know nothing about). It is simply a public forum for people to whine and bitch in a manner where they won't suffer any kind of personal criticism for doing so, which is actually far more cowardly than just dealing with their issues head-on. Yes, I agree, sometimes there are are true gems, and I don't dispute that. What I disagree with is the notion that it is harder to get out there and do it than it is to sit at home laughing, as I spend hours writing my blog posts in order to maximize the laughs. Any idiot with a typewriter can write "I feel fat" on a cut-out of Kate Moss. True talent is making others laugh.


  5. @anonymous

    "Sometimes" is the mot just. This was not one of those sometimes. And really - really> - it is not harder to write some nonsensensical pseudo-metaphysical arboreal claptrap in 30 seconds on a picture of a forest than it is consistently to make people snort cocoa or guava juice out their noses.

    I frequently pretend to live in the woods, too. That way people will think I'm going to slam them in my oven. When they've got themselves lost. Despite leaving a trail of bread crumbs. If they're called Hänsel and Gretel. Oh, and if the house I live in is made of candy.

  6. I would love to live in the woods...alone, with a vegetable garden, an endless supply of tacos, and some sparkling wine. Oh, and my laptop. I'd be pretty happy then. For a bit.

  7. My SIL actually lives in the woods, and she's become very much a loner, a hermit, and alone.

    And I find the whole Post Secret thing to be very interesting. I know what you're saying, and I agree, but I also think it's wonderful to have a way to express to the world (or whomever) that you're hurting, or you've done wrong, etc., instead of otherwise keeping it all inside. But, as you sort of said, it's a bit cowardly.

  8. Just been reading through this post. Are you and Goldfish broth married, or something? He / She seems very defensive...weird.


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