Sunday, 27 September 2009

Yeah. I Have No Idea Why The Hell Either.

As if, for a small child, the idea of a strange woman in costume sneaking into your bedroom in the middle of the night to steal your teeth, with no plausible explanation as to why, while you're sleeping, isn't scary enough. Behold, the tooth-fairy wall-hanging:

Just in case your lil'uns aren't terrified of the dark enough already.


  1. oh and there's me thinking it was a butt with wings and a face lol

  2. Yes it does look like a converted pair of underwear with a heart over the poo stain ! *Flying Poo Pants Fairy*
    I didn't know the tooth fairy was blond either.

  3. Wow, that's really aweful. I thought my husband's 1/2 walnut shell mouse ornament he made at age five was bad. Seriously, it looks like 1/2 a walnut shell hanging on the Christmas tree - it's just weird.

  4. My teeth fell out just looking at it.



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