Thursday, 24 September 2009

Someone call social services


Nature or nurture? Is the instinct to wrap yourself in ill-fitting denim sewn haphazardly to whatever you can sweep off the floor at the Ugly Tablecloth Factory up the hill passed down biologically? Or is it taught?

We have only begun to investigate this fascinating area of neurogenetics, but a recent study where one group of babies (control) was asked to point to the fabric pattern they liked best, and another group of babies (experimental) was asked to design a fashion line for Kohl's Department Store (if Avril Lavigne can do it...) points to there being a fashion-focus hardwired into part of the brain. The cerebral couturetex, if you will.


  1. Oh I got it all wrong ! I figured they just rolled the kid into the skirt - sheets and all and when nap time rolls around at the day care....VOILA ! Unroll the skirt and snuggle up......I think I just invented something........

  2. I don't even think that would have made a good or ironic lampshade. Fail.


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