Thursday, 10 September 2009

Prima Loofahrina


Have we really dredged the bottom of the barrel in terms of things to make into dolls? I mean, okay, corn husks are a classic. Fine, tube socks are soft and they do make a quality monkey. Alright, even the occasional nylon stocking filled with sand will be allowed through. But wooden spoons and loofahs? I am drawing a line in the stocking-covered sand. No more, I say! I'm instituting a doll version of Obama's Put America to Work Plan, where spoon dolls are conscripted to stir soup, nylon and sock dolls have feet stuck up in their business, and rag dolls get attached to the nearest Swiffer, Master-Blaster style, and wiped across our national doorway lintels.

I mean, a spoon and a loofah? Can you come up with a worse material for a doll? Can you?

Oh, girlfriend no. You look like you have some major artistic ability going on there, so stop making dolls out of paper cups you dug out of the cafeteria's recycle bin and get thee to an art school posthaste.


  1. First she'll have to get off the toilet and stop talking with her special friend !

  2. And some people say that standards are declining. Where do they get that idea?

  3. Hahaha
    'As a matter of fact, I do wash off with a rag on a stick. A frilly purple rag and the stick wears a fancy hat and has lipstick and a beauty mark. What of it?'

  4. jesus, jocelyn. I am fascinated by your ability to find shit.



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