Wednesday, 16 September 2009

JK gots to get paid, son


I bet you thought I'd have a witty comment right here, huh? Nope, tricked you, don't you feel like a boob now. I actually want to shill for myself for just a second.

I am a huuuge MST3K and fan, and while I might be able to diet away the huuuge part, I can't deny my moist and tender feelings for sarcastic commentary over bad movies.

Well, has a section for fan-created iRiffs, and this is mine, over an old educational film about menstruation from the 70's:

If you enjoy my sarcastic commentary in text, try it in voice form won't you? You can pay 99 cents to download the 17 minute video (I get 50 cents of that, score!), or maybe you could just watch the free sample, then register an account and vote it "5 stars a subtle masterpiece of cinema", since it is.

Thanks! Hearts to y'all!


  1. Wheres the recipes ??? I thought this would be a recipe for sure..... : (

  2. I bet they give the first one of these booblikethings away, then they charge mucho dinero for the match. That's how they get ya.

    I like the MST, will have to download when not at work... you know, in case there are 'parts' references or something.

  3. Thanks, Eric! It's kind of weird how my life now seems to revolve around vagina jokes, although I am not complaining. Definitely NSFW, I should probably add that disclaimer, yes.

  4. As a fellow MSTie I thought you might like to know that I recently shared your website with one Mrs. Bill Corbett (by that I mean Crow's wife and not that he's recently had a sex change).

    It was the removeable placenta that really killed her.


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