Friday, 11 September 2009

Mrs. Stewart, You've Lost The Plot


Dear God, Martha. Seriously. While this baby-stuffed lobster would be tasty, I'm sure, with some melted garlic butter and horseradish, it's still a lobster stuffed with live baby at the end of the day. Jesus Christ.


  1. "we were so busy asking if we COULD stuff a lobster with a baby, we never stopped to ask if we SHOULD." - Jurassic Park dude

  2. I don't think that's gonna work - I find baby awfully chewy and not complementary to the flavor of seafood.I guess I'm a bit of a food snob that way.

  3. Au contrare. I think the baby would be delicious with garlic or lemon butter, and the lobster only worthy of garnish status.
    Martha is totally friggin stoned.

  4. This comes 9 years too late :(


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