Wednesday, 2 September 2009

the 33rd voyage of sinbad


Sinbad has a lot on his plate right now. He's battling a skeleton, he's lost in some sort of low-shrubbed skankforest, and he seems to have contracted a really nasty case of dysentary judging by how he's swimming in those pants. Bitch looks skinny as hell.

So I'm not going to give him more to worry about by making fun of the production values on this sculptural piece. Sure, his skeletal nemesis looks like it's made out of melting fluffernutter, but if you've ever seen the old Harryhausen stop-motion Sinbad and Argonauts movies, they don't look much less melty.


  1. Hahahahaha *low shrubbed shank forest* hahahahaha - by the looks of the back of the *sculpture* there may be some dysentary there by his foot...or some actual fluffernutter - your pick. Tell me the isn't actually for sale !

  2. hee hee looks like hes fighting the skeleton of the stapuft marshmallow man

  3. I totally love those old Harryhausen movies. Didn't think anybody else knew they existed. I feel like we've bonded here.

  4. "ReformingGeek said...
    I'm rooting for the skeleton!"

    How can you tell which is which?


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