Wednesday, 30 September 2009


So, let's say you're an octopus. Subjunctively speaking, as an octopus, would you be upset to discover that people are making dolls of you that are 20% big blue balls and 80% collagen lips?

And how would your opinion of the blue octopus ball be affected if I told you the only other option for your doll was something made out of The Joker's soiled handkerchiefs that looked like a hookah-style communal pantyliner?

Has your opinion of the first doll changed? Interesting. Thank you for participating in our octofocus group, we really appreciate your input.


  1. The first one is actually cute once you see the second one. I think my child made something similar (2nd one) when they were in 1st grade!

  2. The second one is obviously a spooky octopus skeleton.

  3. Oh I think the second one is spectacular-they just missed their market niche ! First you've got the "frownie" thats says, " Honey I'm just not in the mood tonight" Then you've got eight rotatable layers of protection ! AWESOME !!!

  4. i reeeeally want to play tug of war with those

  5. The second one is the first one dressed up for Halloween.


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