Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Hey, speaking of things which like to watch you with silent, murderous contempt...

Edward Cullen shower curtain! I mean, he only watched Bella while she slept. He's going to watch you while you pee.* (That means he likes you more.)

*(Unless he is busy looking at his hair in your bathroom mirror.)


  1. I seriously loathe movie vampires. And this image, this atrocity makes me loathe the fuckers even more. What an insipid little moron he is!

    My friend used to have a 'Jack-Nicholson-Shining' shower curtain. Now that was another thing altogether. That was horror-curtain-class.

  2. And this kind of thing is precisely why I'm glad I've never seen the goofy vampire television series that all the young whippersnappers are yammering endlessly about...

  3. The really sad thing is that I know people who would want this. And they're not even teenagers - they're PARENTS. It makes me just a little teensy bit nauseous. And now Edward can watch me vomit.

  4. This is even creepier than my old Psycho curtain with Mrs. Bates in silhouette wielding a knife.

  5. I was just saying to my husband the other day - "You know what this bathroom needs ??? A disembodied head !" and lo and behold.......there it is. Thank God !

  6. No, but i imagine it might sparkle quite nicely when dried out and set alight.

    if i saw that i'll shit bricks.

    the last one looks a bit photoshopped. but who would actually think of putting some monochrome edwarface on a shower curtain...

  8. I have enough people watching me pee on a regular basis (I have a 3 & 5 year olds). I wouldn't even consider adding this to the bathroom; even if I did like the whole vampire thing. I definitely wouldn't get it for my teenaged daughter, that's just creepy because I'm assuming you can see his face on the shower side as well. And if you're a grown up with this in your bathroom, well, you're just down right weird.


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