Saturday, 26 September 2009

potato oh no

Here at Ho Hil Headquarters, we are certainly no strangers to potatoes. Julia and I are both proud descendants of the Potato Isle ("au gratin go brah"). I myself have been known to use mashed potatoes as a creamy dip for my french fries, and she is, well, she's about as ginger as you can get without being kidnapped by rogue sushi chefs and served as a garnish. Which is why it pains me to announce that as of now, I will be giving up my starchy past and going cold turkey (and cold cranberry sauce, and cold nothing else). Because the potatoes are sick and tired of us eating them, and they are opening their thousand eyes, and they are moving their slow thighs, and they are slouching towards the produce aisle (not to be confused with the Potato Isle) to start eating us back.


  1. When potato's go bad.......I'm letting all of mine free from the potato bin before they turn. Be afraid very afraid. It didn't even digest the kid completly.

  2. Quick! Stick toothpicks in it and submerge it partially in water! There must be an antidote for this; otherwise, the potatoes will eat us all and then there will be a Potato Famine and they'll all starve and turn cannibalistic and start eating their close relatives like the yam.

  3. Okay my 2 1/2 year old was over her and screamed (she's got a dramatic side) then goes "oh no! It's an eye-a-saur! It scary!" I asked if she meant dinosaur and she gave me the toddler death glare, pointed at the eyes and said "EYE-A-SAUR! RAWRRRRRR" and considering her know all of things dinosaurs I'm accepting this to be the honest answer to WTF in regard to this item.

  4. I'm scratching my head over this one.

  5. the photo appeals to my surreal side.

    but slow thighs wins!

  6. It's possibly supposed to be a Gibbering Mouther:

    Or perhaps a Shoggoth:


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