Wednesday, 3 June 2009

This Post Could, Technically, Qualify As A Hat


I guess that this, techinically, qualifies as a hat, in the same way that a frisbee balanced on your forehead could, technically, qualify as a hat. Or a paper towel, draped accross your cranium could, technically, qualify as a hat. Or a bucket, worn a variety of ingenious ways could, technically, qualify as a hat. All the same, though, I am not willing to cede that any of those items would, technically, qualify as attractive. And, apparently, neither does a crocheted placemat. I mean, even the cat is all "WTF".


  1. I was just going to say the cat isn't even buying it!

  2. Surely, it's a very large pot holder.

  3. I think I saw a guy with a toupee like this a few weeks back at lunch.

  4. Wearing that I would be hoping for a breeze to blow it away....or a spear to my forehead so I wouldn't have to deal with the embarrassment of having to wear it ;-)

  5. I can't wear a bucket on mah hed cuz they be takin mah bucket.


  6. What are you guys talking about? This is the most stylish hat I've ever seen in my life. I bought one and it looks so good on me! I had to use duct tape to hold it to my head but I really think that enhances it.

    Sometimes I also wear it as a wig.

    Hat, wig, dish cloth... classy, fashionable, and multi purpose!

  7. I think the cat is about to fluff the hat out a bit - if you know what I mean ;-)
    I crocheted myself a hat last winter too and the first attempts looked that photo. However, I unraveled them and didn't try to sell it online...


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