Wednesday, 24 June 2009

No, I Need Some STRONGER Glue. D'you Get Me?

Hoorah and huzzah! I bring good tidings of great joy. Julia is returning today. My thanks to her for foolishly trusting me to steer this blog in her absence; and to you, dear and faithful readers, for your patience.

I am relieved to note that I have managed, I think, not to lose her any followers at least, and a few foolhardy souls have even signed up. Hello, there! I can only imagine that they found and were swayed by our hostess's brilliance in earlier posts, like this and this and this, which are worth us all revisiting.

Meanwhile, a collage:

To make this "Women Collage", you will need:

1) Lots of old newspaper.

2) Several pictures of seemingly random women.

3) Some crap you found on the beach.

4) Two or three stars cut out of ... what is that? Old cork board?

5) And what's that coiled up hairy stuff top right? I'd rather not know.

6) Oil sticks in various colors.

7) Just a stick.

8) Plenty of the glue that the fevered finished article would clearly suggest you have already been sniffing.

And rest.

G. Henry


  1. ...and that is why I hate modern art. The end. *closes very large book*

  2. Eric, that's like calling puff painted shirts or bedazzled jean jackets "modern art." *studiously closes funny papers*

  3. I think you did a great job covering "homemade hilarity" with your posts!
    I know I snorted a time or two!..tee hee!
    (Yeah...that hairy stuff...lets just hope and pray its plastic.)

  4. Let's use up pink and blue leftover paint while we're at it.

  5. Oh, the hairy stuff.


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