Saturday, 25 April 2009

Some Crafts Exist Only For The Sake of AWESOMENESS

I think I'm gonna file this under "I Want What They're Smoking", because frankly, this crafter's stash must be outstanding. Though, to be fair, is does look exactly how they intended: like a dinosaur in a gourd with corn-cob wheels and paddles, so, um, kudos for that, I guess. It may be utterly insane, but at least it's intentionally utterly insane, although I don't think it's intentionally as utterly insane as how utterly insane it really is, if you know what I'm saying. That said, I would like to point out the size of gourd necessary to make this contraption realistically viable. The answer is "quite large", I believe. "Quite large."

Also, I love how if you go to the source, you'll see the artists makes a big deal out of pointing out that "The gourd is creamy brown with a nice shade of purple and orange. Yes it was a real gourd that we cast a mold of so we could make the Dino racers." as if that was really going to be my first question upon seeing this item. Because, you know, I think my first question when I saw this was "I wonder what this was molded from, other than awesomeness and win?"


Oh, and many thanks to Madame Berg for a fabulous new zombie chicken award:

Her site is most excellent, by the way. Her website is exclusively about 'costumes, cats, and the 18th century'. I shit you not. If you think I'm kidding, or even if you think I'm not, you must check it out. She has single-handedly inspired me to start up another website solely devoted to pickled foods, medieval footwear, and squirrels.


  1. Hey, thanks for the source: I'm seeking out all of the Dinosaur-Vegetable-Transportation collector's series. I recently acquired "T Rex on a Cucumber Scooter", "Pterodactyl in an Aubergine Canoe", and "Diplodocus on a Pumpkin Tricycle", and this will nearly complete the set.

    Now, has anybody seen the rare "Micropachycephalosaurus on an Asparagus Pogo-stick"?

  2. This is actually an early prototype model for Jurassic Park IV. They're taking it in a little bit of a different direction.

  3. The gourd also slightly resembles a chicken drumstick.

    That was left out to mold for 5 months.

  4. Heather is right, it really does look like the little dino has taken up residence inside some leftovers. But why? And why is its tail sticking out?

    I am very disturbed by this...

  5. LOL, oh man, I am crying I'm laughing so hard, thank you very much!!!

  6. Oh my - I haven't had time to notice you about the award but you found out anyway! I should've known nothing escapes the higlhy-trained eye of a craftastrophe hunter. I hope I make something bad enough to end up here one day, and I look forward to the new site (and thanks for the mention - I have a feeling I'll get A LOT more hits than usual in the next couple of days - heh!)

    P.S. I love you!

  7. Man, who thinks this shit up?! But thank God they do! LOL. And I'm pretty sure that dino is driving a chicken leg.

  8. I m still laughing. Very good!


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