Monday, 6 April 2009

It's A Bit Unsettling, Let's Be Honest


"What is this necklace made out of" you ask?
"Why, bobcat, of course" I respond.
"Bobcat" you ask?
"Yes, bobcat." I respond.
"What do you mean, bobcat" you ask?
"I mean, this necklace is made out of freaking bobcat. It is bobcat. As in, the necklace... it is bobcat." I respond.
"So those are..." you lead.
"Yes, those are bobcat bones" I respond.
"And that is.." you ask?
"Yes, that is a bobcat tooth" I respond.
"Is it..." You lead.
"Yes... It is real." I respond. "And that is apparently all you need to know."



  1. I often wondered what ever happened to Mr.Goldthwaite since the Police Academy franchise ended

  2. Great...finally a necklace fit for a Vodoo Priestess!

  3. So, what is this necklace made out of?

  4. It's probably cat bones and a cat claw, from a cat who drank all its owner's wine.

  5. Nice - did you make this and do you actually wear it?

  6. Guys, I wish I knew more. Seriously, I don't know the backstory, so I can only assume the crafter got attacked by a bobcat and strangled it with their bare hands before turning it into jewelry. And, @Cookie, that's freaking hilarious

  7. I had a cat named Bob. Got hit by a bus. Nice to see he finally served some useful purpose.

  8. I think this bobcat necklace would go quite nicely with some dark mascara, a faux ware-wolf mask and a water buffalo robe ensemble for when one is in the mood to channel Jafar.

  9. Whew! I thought you were going to say it was made out of bull penises. What a relief.

  10. Aw, poor li'l kitty. I hope the bobcat at least gave its killer rabies before being turned into jewelry.


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