Friday, 3 April 2009

Please Don't Macramake (See What I Did There?) Me Any Of This Tomfuckery


See, this magazine says "Practical Macrame with an accent egu" but I have my doubts. Because while I'm not arguing the fact that it may be macrame, and it may have an accent egu, I'm not completely sold on the fact that it is practical. Is it hideous? Absolutely. Is it something to wear? I guess so. Is it able to catch fish in the rainy season? Definitely. But is it practical? Well, I dare you - I absofuckinglutely dare you to tell me how this macramess will add a level of practicality to your wardrobe that has heretofore gone unnoticed. In fact, I'll give you a whole dollar if this is anything other than just bizarrely hideous. Because, let's face it, this is just bizarrely hideous.

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  1. OMG, the pose on that chick just kills me.

  2. Didn't Bo Derrick wear that in "10?"

  3. EEEEWWWW! That is awful is so many ways!

  4. Hm. One needs to know, I think, that "Practical Macramé" is just one of a triumvirate of related wool-craft based periodicals from this publisher, and I fear that the art editor has slipped that photograph in the wrong one: its place should surely be in one of the sister publications, "Theoretical Macramé" or "Metaphysical Macramé".

  5. Heather's Mom3 April 2009 at 20:06

    I think I saw Cher wear that on her show once...gag. me. right. now.

  6. My mom used to do macrame when I was a kid. I'll bet she didn't know that she could have woven all those plant holders together into a snazzy top.

  7. I guess it's the fringy part in the front but this looks vagule obsene like fake body hair. ::shudder::

  8. I interpret this as: as far as macrame goes, it's practical (bit that's not saying much).

    Or perhaps it means that this vest is good at inVESTing (hah!) money wisely.

    Who knows, it ain't talking. (Note that I did not make a keeping-things-close-to-the-vest joke, though I wanted to)

  9. but, not bit

    (Either need coffee or an editor)


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