Thursday, 30 April 2009

Irony is: Not Having a Chimney

Fuckin' a.

Just a thought, but if you only have enough money for a carton of cigarettes for yourself, or a dollhouse for your daughter, compromising is probably not the answer. Especially if said compromise is a dollhouse made out of said carton of cigarettes. Although I applaud this crafter's temerity. And scalloped roofing.

By the way, I'm getting awfully tired of finding my content on other blogs, especially when they're bigger sites than mine. You know who you are. Just give credit where credit is due. Thanks.


  1. This is the SHITS! Because what you say about compromise is exactly true!
    Numerous times I have seen some whisky-tango parent in the convenience store behind my house with a desperately hungry, sniveling child--they don't have a goddamn dime to buy the poor kid a granola bar or orange juice or something-- but they've just enough (scrounge for that change) to buy an entire carton of cigarettes!
    Nice scallops. This crapfster can afford the fancy crafting scissors...who lives here? Trailertrash Barbie of course!

  2. Dudette,
    I stopped by for a visit, your lastest prettys cracked me up. I am defiantely taking the camera out for a spin on your behalf. Moose nugget crafts are all the rage around here and I know you could describe them oh so cleverly.
    Keep up the hideously funny work. And the baby in a bucket-its frightening that we don't have more mental health workers on call for crafters such as those, I don't know what to call them, "babybucketmakers?"

  3. Nice use of the word "temerity" J/D!

  4. Yeah, my poor kid got a dollhouse like that, but it was Newport green and white. She survived.

  5. Damn right. People have their priorities so screwed up.

    And who in the hell is stealing your stuff?! Nasty, nasty people.

  6. I guess when you are on a breathing apparatus for emphysema you have a lot of time on your hands....

  7. Trailer trash is right. Look at the siding falling off. What crap(ft).


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