Sunday, 28 June 2009

Super Great Excellent Saturday Time (or, Experimenting With Google Translator)

Happy Super Awesome Saturday again everyone! And yes, I realize it's Sunday, so I don't want to hear it; I'm already well aware that I'm a retard who doesn't know how a calender works. So let's just all move on, shall we?

I'm sure you've all been horrendously grief-stricken this past week, missing me unlike you've ever missed anything before (Don't lie. You freaking know it). I will give major kudos to GHenry, though, for stepping in while I was rescuing orphaned albino koalas in the war-torn regions of Swanscombe all week, and managing to be even funnier than I am. And JK is back too, as you may have noticed with the last couple posts, so I'm gonna give a big "what what" for that unexpected hilariousness. I lovesit. And don't forget, if you like their writing, don't forget to visit their websites here and here!

This week's talented artist is the Japanese duo Mizuta Tasogare and Kato Jado, who, luckily, use their powers of creative genius for good and not for evil. Seriously, anyone who can carve out a pencil leaving only a complicated pattern on the outside and an intact pencil lead on the inside is also capable of a great many dasterdly deeds, like sucking out the filling of Twinkies without ever even opening the package. Which they might do, actually. Hell, I would.

I really couldn't find out much about the pair, to be honest with you, and what I could find out was badly translated from Japanese into English. Which is hilarious, yes, but freaking useless. So I thought I'd return the favour; I'm going to take the post I've written about these guys, translate it on Google translator into Japanese, and then back into English and go with that version instead. So here we go:

I pencil in the selection for this duo - is a natural sculpture. They are intricate carvings and sculptures in pencil Almighty, in many cases, lead, leave it in the middle of the race, has completed the creation of fine art. It's just amazing. intact in the middle. It's truly amazing stuff.

(untranslated: The medium of choice for this duo is the pencil - for carving into, natch. They've perfected the art of creating lacy, delicate, and intricate sculptures by carving into the almighty pencil, often leaving the lead intact in the middle. It's truly amazing stuff.)

Sculpture of a pencil in their talent, they can only say that I saw, it is unparalleled. Also, if more, at the end of the intact heart from the tip of a pencil, to create the illusion of an unbroken pieces with a bear in the segment will have a different impression in the remaining joined. Their work has not really broken.

(untranslated: Their talents in the field of pencil-carving are, as far as I can tell, unparalleled. And it becomes even more impressive when you bear in mind that the pencils are left intact from tip to end, as in, at no point are different segments joined together to create an illusion of an unbroken piece. They really are unbroken pieces.)

This work, for example, my head asplode.

(untranslated: This piece, for example, made my head asplode.)

So there it is, folks! I hope you enjoyed this weekend's "Super Great Excellent Saturday Time". I know I have, and I think I've decided to translate all my posts into Japanese and then back again to really maximize my full engrish potential. High-larious.


  1. The filling of Twinkies, wondrous its splendor. In pencil the marvel is almighty unbroken!
    Try would I myself, result is only great shame.

    (Wow, that made my head hurt).
    Very cool carvings.
    I have no clue how on earth anyone could do such intricate work.
    But, on the bright side, I'm now craving Twinkies. :)

  2. All their pencils are belong to us.

    That is true #2 skill right there.

  3. That makes two of us craving twinkies:)
    Awesome pencil post, tho:)

  4. "This work, for example, my head asplode."

    Works best in a Super Mario Brothers accent, I have to say.

  5. LOL, that is awesome. I love how they take something totally useful and make it impossible to use. Weird, but still kind of cool. :)


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