Tuesday, 9 June 2009

This Looks Like It Tastes Like Itching

Yes, Russ, Happy Brithday indeed.

So I was just perusing Craftster and I came across this little gem. In addition to being a cupcake-cake, which is unforgivable enough on its own (I believe cakewrecks is with me on this one), and having been made for a grown man (which is just a bit strange, giving a 50-year old guy a cupcake-cake with a strung-out day-glow Nemo apparently having heart-palpitations after a 4-day long meth binge on it, let's be honest), I spy with my little eye a glaring editorial problem. And perhaps I shouldn't be correcting someone else's spelling, given my egregious misuse of grammar in that last sentence there, but I mean, come on. It kind of says something about your artistic abilities when the most distracting thing about your birthday cake isn't the fact that your safety-orange fish has one malformed appendage growing out of his ear and another midget flipper languishing somewhere down near his jaw.


  1. OMG, it's actually 28 cupcakes sharing communal icing. Exactly 28 times worse than originally thought.

  2. Artificial food coloring, anyone, yeesh, this would give an epileptic one hell of a seizure. *GAG*

  3. I refuse to believe that it is Nemo at all; furthermore, I am unconvinced that this is a birthday cake.

    I choose instead to surmise that the inscription should be read strictly left to right, and this is therefore merely a description of an orange-faced youth with imbalanced trumpet-shaped ears and a multitude of pet earthworms, whose name is "Russ Brithday".

    He certainly looks like happy Russ Brithday to me. Who wouldn't be with all those adoring invertebrates?

  4. is it ok if my comment everyday is just hahahahahahahaha.


  5. This is somehow disturbing, and I'm not sure why.

  6. When I first saw this, I thought it was one of those "yarn-and-hook" jobs. Then I thought it could be a warped basketball with pink hair.

    Wanna know what's REALLY sad? Russ' wife was actually pretty damn happy about the icing that she herself colored.

    This whole thing just needed to be put out of its misery.

  7. Has anyone sent this to cakewrecks? I'm sure the owner would looooove it.
    *wanders off to die*


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