Monday, 19 January 2009

What Shall We Name Him?

So I want to give a big "what what", and above-the-head-mid-air hand slap to mizz jk for that extraordinary post yesterday. I would encourage her to post more often, but frankly, she makes me look bad. That being said, her update yesterday was so freaking hilarious let's hope she never does it again. Seriously, Joz, cut it out.

It's almost a shame at this point to post this next picture I've had for a little while, as I'm not positive it matches the unparalled fugly that was captured so eloquently yesterday in JK's post. But, well, if I don't post it now, I'm not sure if I ever will. So let's all marvel, shall we, at today's Obamatrocity:

It is not without artistic merit. I'll give it that much. There's just something about his rather Blagojevichian hairstyle and close-together, George-Bushian eyeballs, mixed with the John-Kerryistic jaw-line and Perotastic ears, not to mention the ever-recognizable Palin pout, that gives the impression that this picture could be of almost any politician, and yet every politician, all at the same time.

Please, though, don't just take my word for it; in order to thoroughly prove my point, and not get called an exaggerating filthy liar, I have spent the last hour piecing together this handsome, handsome man, from said political figures:

He looks like a true leader, he does. I must admit, I found I also had to add Lincoln's nose and some Nader eyebrows, but I think they give him a stately air. A real sophisticated, presidential, understated je ne sais quoi. It's a face that just screams "Politiks! I can haz it!". It's the face of a man that looks capable of anything, as long as "anything" doesn't include being Barack Obama. It's a face that launched a thousand war ships, proverbially speaking. And, most of all, it's the face on that random kid's t-shirt.

Still not convinced? Still having your doubts? Still not sure you care? Behold, my highly scientific comparison graphic:

I think I have made my point. What that point is, I have forgotten. But I'm pretty confident I've made some point, and made it thoroughly.


  1. You certainly did. :)

  2. You have missed your calling, you should be in charge of the Official White House Portrait. This one could be used for many past and many to come!

  3. Just wanted to come by and let you know this post was added to Angry Seafood's
    Live Obama Inaugural Humor Blog Roundup

  4. It looks like Dick Clark.

    Maybe Dick Clark got another face lift a tanning bed and ran for President!

  5. The chin still looks sorta weak though. But it's really politicky.

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