Tuesday, 13 January 2009

'Trailer Trash' Has Taken On A Whole New Meaning

I just found this before/after picture in a Craftster forum, and I believe, at this junction, I can only say 'wow'.

I mean, really, just wow. In fact, wooooow. Not only did this this crafter take a good long look at a used plastic grocery bag and think it was a highly underrated and completely child-safe material with which to wrap a small child, but they then went ahead and publicly posted this pint-sized butcher's apron as if it were an adorable little sun dress. All it's missing is a tin-foil bonnet and newspaper booties and lil' Cinderella here is ready for the ball.
I fear for this tot's future. And possibly her entire summer wardrobe.

Unless, of course, this crafter is actually demonstrating their nifty ability to physically manufacture adorable little baby girls out of used plastic bags. Because that would actually be quite impressive.


  1. That poor baby, those plastic bags would be so sticky.

  2. I wear a tinfoil hat everyday - why do you think this is a negative thing? *snicker*

  3. WOW! That is impressive. I wish I had that much talent.Imagine the money I could save.

  4. LOL! I always love it when people make children's clothing out of suffocation hazards!

  5. wow.

    that's just sad.

  6. Awesome. Let the facts speak:

    A) Sweating in all that plastic like a little hog she is equals loss of extra kilos...

    B) No laundry needed!

    C) No diapers needed!

    D) Only recycled materials!

    E) B+C+D = I love to laught at all the greenfags.


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