Sunday, 11 January 2009

Bork Bork Bork

So, I guess, technically, this lovely picture of Mrs. Cox-Mohr (Or Mrs. Mohr-Cox, as I lovingly refer to her) doesn't exactly classify as a 'homemade hilarity'.

But, on the other hand, while her lips may be light on the "homemade" factor (which is arguable at best, let's be honest), I really do feel like the extensive "hilarity" factor more than makes up for it.

Maybe it's just that I was brought up adoring The Muppets, but I find her face way too damn funny, in like an "inflatable-rafting-trip-gone-wrong" kinda way. Or like an "I'm deathly allergic to my own lips" kinda way. Or even a "you shoulda seen what these puppies looked like before the silicone leaked out" kinda way.

Seriously, this crazy lady's one surgery away from Terrence and Philip. Which, I can hardly imagine, is what she intended when she set out with a vat of her excess butt fat in one hand and syringe in the other.


  1. I don't know who Niki Mohr-Cox is, but are you SURE she isn't a Muppet? She must have to use a roller and a paint tray to put lipstick on.

  2. Oh yuck yuck and more yuck. She should be a poster child for why you don't inject pork fat into your lips.

  3. hooray for terrence and philip! braaaap!


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