Thursday, 22 January 2009

I'll Take Alan Rickman For The Win

So apparently, I'm still getting traffic to this site from people looking for Alan Rickman. I would make fun of these obsessive loons, but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. Besides, who am I to deny these strange, wandering souls the sexy of the Rickman? Speaking of which:

I'm so glad this artist managed to find such a handsome portrait of Alan Rickman to use as the focal point for this stunning piece of jewellery. Truly, Sir Rickman has never looked better. His enviably pale, sickly pallor and sultry, sunken, come-hither eyeballs really make me shudder with delight. And that sneer! Ooh, that sensual, disgruntled grimace of disdain is enough to make any girl, and even some men, positively slack-jawed with unease. And luckily, according to the jeweller:
"He's been sealed with a few coats of glossy varnish so that all his sexiness STAYS sexy!!!"

And this, my friends, is what Alan Rickman would look like if he were a fish with the face of Alan Rickman. Because why the hell not.


  1. I am both repulsed and intrigued by the fish Alan. I don't know what it is, but I think I want him gracing the back of my toilet.

  2. I think someone has got a crush on Alan Rickman, don't they? You can be honest, Julia, you do, don't you? You just posted about him last week too. ;)

  3. I'd buy that. I'm not ashamed to say that my pants seams grow tight for an Alan Rickman fishman creation.

  4. Alan Rickman is a babe! C'mon, admit it! ;o)

  5. The funny thing is, I think Alan Rickman is probably a really nice guy. It's just so strange how his fans choose to show their adoration! I have a feeling his fanclub will provide fodder for this site for years to come. Gotta love the Rickman!

  6. So I came across a link to this post on a German Alan Rickman forum. I translated it so I could see why they linked it (other than the obvious reasons) and here's what I got:

    "nadini, were you in London? What have you done, how long, and why ever ??????? Storytelling, narrative, narrative! : D

    Of course, I'm going to hit the Dauemn for your job! : -*

    Villa Golitsyn Because I have heard nothing new, unfortunately! : hmm

    News from the Alam-DIY-round:

    ... to

    That's nice times:: laugh: (scroll down and read the comments)"

    That's nice times indeed, Nadini, nice times indeed.

  7. Hi, Julia - props to you for laughing in the swollen, needy face of Rickmanism. I don't know whether it's the Harry Potter drag or his early history of playing dead guys, terrorists, etc., but this poor actor attracts the weirdest fans this side of David Ducovny's during the X-files run.

    It must be quite disconcerting for Alan Rickman to be chatting to a colleague over an apres-theatre glass of white and then catch site of one of these pushing-50 dungeons-and-dragons dollies who've stuffed themselves into a tulle skirt and busk, waiting to accost him.

    Most men just have to face the vicissitudes of aging in the mirror every day - Alan Rickman has to sigh and suck it up as his fans get older, fatter and crazier every year. "Hi, Mr. Rickman, I'm wearing you around my neck!" Wow, hi obsessed fan - I'm getting out a restraining order...

  8. talking about Alan Rickman well,yes he is a kind person,a really nice guy..And love his kind fans not those fans who scream for an autograph,,:)..And in all circumstances a great human:)

  9. i effin love alan rickman!!!

  10. hi just stumbed across this post and would like to say that alan rickman is 1 of the nicest people you would meet, just because hes rich and famous doesnt mean hes gonna be stuck up ini. anyways im his cuzon and fort i would let you all know that he is a nice guy. if you would like to contact me my email address is

  11. Regretsy is over. Why don't you take your cue from that?


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