Saturday, 31 January 2009

How To Look Unbelieveably Awesome In One Easy Step

Do you have someone really special in your life? Someone really special in like a "isn't s/he special" kinda way? Someone really special in like a "takes-the-short-bus-to-market" kinda way? Someone really special in like a "likes-to-eat-the-glue-and-sometimes-the-pink-chalk-as-well" kinda way? Because if you know someone like that, or if that person just happens to be you (you know who you are), well, I've finally found what you've undoubtedly been looking for: good quality, attractive, not-at-all-hilarious helmet covers.

Aww, bless. Isn't he just darling, sitting there all happy at the K-mart photo studio, safely strapped into his massive helmet, not a care in the world. Either that, or what I can only assume is a frog is giving birth to a fully-clothed human baby and someone managed to get it on film. This one's totally going on the mantle.

Is your helmet not noticeable enough? Would you like to look even more, uhm, outstanding? Well, just slap on this hot little red number and watch in amazement as the amount of mockery you already receive triples, almost instantaneously. It's perfect, really, for any hardcore helmeting enthusiast.

Ooh, this helmet cover is almost awesome enough to make me wish I had a helmet with which to put it on. In fact, I think that if you do have a helmet, this should be the mandatory cover for it. In fact, I think that even if you don't have to wear a helmet it should still become mandatory to wear a helmet just because you would then have to put this helmet cover on it. In fact, I think it should just become mandatory to strap a dead coyote to your head when leaving the house in general.

I think we could all learn something from this lady here: why look like you're just wearing a normal helmet when you could be looking like you're wearing a hideously massive and malformed 17th century felt cap?

Thanks to David D for sending me these links!

Note: making fun of those with disabilities is never okay, especially when the disability is severe enough to cause a person to have to wear protective headgear. So I apologize for that. Please don't send me any angry emails; I feel bad enough already as is.

I'm going to hell for this, aren't I.


  1. One can only hope that woman in the last photo used the red rope in the background to hang herself with.

  2. get me to the dead coyote shop now.....

  3. yes, going to hell on a sled! ;)

  4. I'm with notquiteginger-- show me to the nearest dead coyote shop!

  5. The link to the dead coyote shop is in "This helmet cover" under the pic. At the website they also have a dead raccoon helmet cover, as well as a helmet cover that looks like a mullet. We're keeping it classy, HH style.

  6. No, you are not going to hell, as least not for this post hehe.

    Moonbat parents are putting them on their young kids nowadays to overprotect them. Riding a tricycle can lead to massive head trauma if they crash of course. Idiots.

  7. maybe i can get a pic of my little one with the dead animal helmet-guess what Santa brought you honey?


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