Thursday, 29 January 2009

Schitzophrenics Always Give The Crappiest Presents

I believe I have finally found a crapft that officially defies explanation:

I think part of my cerebral cortex just imploded a little bit. Unfortunately, the whole thing is all just a shade too insane for a mere mortal like myself to try and comprehend. Although, admittedly, I'm almost really curious about what this whackadoodle's Christmas cards look like. Just imagine...

"Don't be Afraid of Spiders, it's Christmas"
"Drink Some Coffee"

Ooh, or how about Valentine's Day...

"Don't Stop Skateboarding, it's Valentines Day"
"Eat Some Jello"

The possibilities are endless, really.

Also, if you enjoy my understated brand of subtle humor and dry, finespun wit, you won't want to not go to (and rate me, natch) or (and leave me glowing reviews, obvs).


  1. I loled. For real, like I actually l'ed ol.

  2. Who would have known Schizos give bad presents. I would have guessed it depended on the dominant personality at any given time. Anyway, I love your blog can I link to it? Interested in a link exchange?
    Hit me up! Let me know!

  3. This officially earns a WTH?

    Nice find.

  4. haha... that is funny

    i feel like that is something that may have come out of our high school brains at one point... maybe at the same time that i almost fell into my soup that day... all i have to say is... wow.


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