Sunday, 4 January 2009

Pathetic-est. Post. Ever.

Just in case anyone actually reads my writing, and I use the term "writing" loosely, I must apologize for not posting the last couple days. I usually pride myself on updating my site every day, but I must admit to being a touch too ill. If you bear with me, I'll tell the tale.

It all started a long, long, time ago, about last Tuesday. I had a toothache. I can only imagine that it stemmed from a filling I had put in about a year ago, as it was the same tooth, aching a bit. I'm living in England at the moment, which means that I get free health and dental (yea!) if I've signed up previously (boo!). If you can see where this is going, you can probably guess that I hadn't signed up at a dentist office previously.

As it was hurting, but not unbearably, I put off signing up with a dentist, because of course, these things always work themselves out. Skip forward to two days ago, with me writhing in agony on the living room floor, offering ten bucks to the first person with a pair of pliars who would be willing to yank the sucker out. Eventually, I managed to get ahold of some pain killers, and I sucked those down until yesterday.

Waking up yesterday was quite an experience. An agonizing, curse-filled, existence-hating experience. The pain was so bad I went to the ER, where all the nurses looked at me like I was a charming but mildly retarded foreigner. They let me know there was nothing they could do for me, especially as I am allergic to pretty much every form of medication. Yes, that means I can't take penicillin, codeines, codones, narcotics, opiates, or even, ironically, benedryll. So they sent me off with a number for an emergency dentist that was only open after 7 pm, and a good talking-to about the amount of ibuprofin that I've been ingesting daily (on average, about 20 capsules per diem, but let's not tell anyone).

So I get home, take more asperin and ibuprofin, seriously think about stabbing myself in the eyeball just to stop the pain, and them remember that I have some back-up penicillin pills laying around that I could maybe take, at the very least, to help in case I have an infection under my hurty tooth. As I am aware I am allergic to penicillin, I thought I would be safe an only take half a pill. I then proceeded to the emergency dentist later on that evening, who took an x-ray, proscribed me some pills for an oral infection, and sent me on my way without any pain killers, because as I previously stated, I am allergic to all of them.

So let's talk about last night, shall we? I attempted to go to bed, only to be woken up every hour and a half, like clockwork, by an excruciating pain shooting out of my mouth. I felt like the lesser-know "Horrific-Oral-Pain Carebear" trying to Carebear Share! my way out of my own body and into somewhere that simply doesn't hurt. Not finding that possible, I spent today in an awkward position; the half a penicillin I had taken decided that I was still allergic to it, and graciously caused several allergic reactions. Firstly, it made my lips swell untill I looked like Jade Goody (If you don't know who she is, don't bother to look her up). Then, my tongue swelled up, and I developed blisters on the roof of my mouth. Then I got really weak and really sick, and developed an itchy rash all over my arms, and yet, the pain still hasn't gone away.

When I say "pain," I mean "balled up at the bottom of the shower crying" kind of pain. As in, "contemplating home-surgery" kind of pain". Or, like, "I would rather have a stomach ulcer from all of the ibuprofin, thankyouverymuchmrsnurse, than experience the pain that I am currently experiencing" kind of pain.

So here I am, half a bottle of vodka down, finally able to type through the agony. The rash has subsided, my lips are still awfully full, but not quite so scarey-looking, and the roof of my mouth has stopped producing blisters. It's a lovely sight, I can assure you. I assume I'll get seen by a dentist this week, and I'll start posting again as soon as I can see straight.

As always, I would adore any comforting comments.

till tomorrow,
Jula D


  1. You poor thing! Have you tried garlic? It works for me most of the time. It has to be real, raw garlic, not processed in any way. If you can't bite into it, try to mush it on a piece of bread or in a little bit of olive oil and soak the gums around your tooth in it. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. aww, thanks for the tip! I'll go try that right now! I'll take advice wherever I can get it, and I'm certainly not opposed to anything homeopathic. So, thanks again! I'll let you know how it goes.


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