Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Avert Your Eyes If You're Under 18

While there is no way I can be absolutely positive, I am told this is exactly what it looks like. Which is, naturally, a... ehm... well... it kinda looks like..... ...... frankly, something completely unsuitable for young children. Or older children. Or anyone outside the gynaecological profession, for that matter. Seriously, I think this teddy bear should really get that looked at. It's just unnatural.


  1. Poor Pooh Bear! What did Christopher Robin do to him!?!

  2. It's a bear? Heck, I thought it was a turtle without it's Um, or that other thing!

  3. I was also going to add that it appears to be more of a turtle yes. It's forsaken it's shell in search of a new career perhaps (?)

  4. Alright, guys, you finally did it. I just officially let out a loud "pshfft" sound when I just read those comments, and had I been drinking something, it would have coated my keyboard. High fives all around.


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