Monday, 29 December 2008

It Comes With a Matching Handbag

I'm having a hard time deciding what I like best about this elegant piece of outer-wear, as seen on the cover of the fall 2008 issue of "Crochet!" magazine:

Is it the bottom half, reconstructed from a pair of jeans I donated to the Salvation Army in 1992? Is it the top half, crocheted from only the finest poly-cotton blends available in colors that match acid wash? Or is it the freakin' gigantic target crocheted half way down the back to help guide cupid's arrow when I confess to him how much I adore this frankensteined homage to the early 90's? What I wouldn't give to be awesome enough to wear this ugly, ugly jacket.


  1. Is that Caroline Kennedy?

  2. I daresay, you just might be right. How could I miss something so unbelievably awesome? You get five points and a gold star, Dan.


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