Monday, 15 December 2008

Et Voila!

So here it is, the magnificent wonder of creative genius that so moved and inspired me into building a website in its very honour. Don't get me wrong, I had seen some home-made crafts go downhill before, and have seen even more since, but there was just something so very, extraordinarily, exquisitely special about this specific photograph. Behold, the awesomeness that is the physical incarnation of home-made hilarity:

Maybe it's the look of pride on the lady's face, as though she were about to hand you your very own home-made fuzzy green and orange christmas present. Maybe it's the fact that the fuzzy bits are actually wood chips that she painstakingly collected, dyed and then lovingly glued to the actual present. Probably, though, it's because this has actually been touted as a more eco-friendly and attractive alternative to gift-wrap on a page asking readers to send in their best photos of their own creative brilliance. Not only was this the best idea this lady had to offer the world, but she looks damn pleased with herself as well. Although in hindsight, as well she should be, considering she was able to inspire a whole new blog through her innovative yet unforgivably hideous box o' christmas splinters.

And with that, has been christened! While I go smash a cheap bottle of bubbly on its hull, feel free to call all of your friends and frantically scream at them about how awesome this site is. I won't blush.

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  1. Your blog is really awesome , I liked it.
    Thanks for an enjoyable experiance.


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