Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Money Can't Buy Class. Or, Evidently, A Nice Pair of Jeans.

For anyone who has ever wondered what a pair of $900 hand-painted jeans looks like, feast your eyes on these fancy pants:

Aaaand, the back:

They're so glamorous! And expensive! And non-washable! If you ask me, they're perfect down to the last detail; from the columns of unblinking eyeballs on the front to the grocery list of ex-boyfriends in puff-paint down the back, their beauty is in the details, my friends, their beauty is in the details.
And I love the way they were made to match a pair of high-heeled Crocs. Classy. In fact, $900 worth of classy.


  1. The question is-
    Will someone be fool enough to buy my old jeans jazzed up with some gel pen and scraps of fabric too hideous to use anywhere else?

  2. From my experience on this website: yes, yes they will. And pay obscene amounts of money for them.


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